The original play-to-win decentralized gaming platform
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BSC Contract Address: 0xD7976399496a0B79C7Fb648e345BB9e6CE6BCa3A
Developed by a team of engineers, financial specialists, and crypto enthusiasts; the Highlander Platform is built to revolutionize digital gaming with exciting titles and fun rewards. Here's how it works:
Players acquire Highlander tokens
Token holders play games on the Highlander platform after connecting their wallets
NFT collectibles are awarded to winners
Games are withdrawn after 1,000 game-specific NFT's are conferred.
NFT holders sell their assets once the game is removed and the asset's rarity is established.
Play-to-win is an exciting new approach to decentralized gaming. Winning digital assets while playing entertaining games will drive growth in the Highlander platform.
The Roadmap
June 2021 Design the decentralized web application (Dapp) and initial games.
July 2021 Develop Smart contracts with Solidity for the Token and NFT's.
August 2021 Deploy the contracts to the Binance Smart Chain and grow the community on social media.
September 2021 List the token on decentralized exchanges and expand the team.
4th Quarter 2021 & Beyond Develop new games for the platform and grow user engagement.
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